By Lloyd Ray Wiliams

More than 62,000 Christians have been massacred in one country alone. Reports say Christian genocide is getting worse.

According to multiple reports, Nigeria is the most dangerous country in world for Christians. Since 2001 more than 62,000 of our brothers and sisters in Christ have been massacred in that West African Country. According to Newsweek, more than 7,000 were killed in 2023 alone. All by Islamic extremists.

With a population of nearly 231-million, Nigeria is the largest country in Africa. Christians make up the vast majority. However, the Northern and Central areas of the country are controlled by Muslims. Sharia law was established in many of those regions. Those who do not obey could have their hands and feet dismembered.

Many are killed for what Muslims call blasphemy against Islam. Jihadists gunmen have attacked churches killing people while they worship. Many others were slaughtered during mass machete attacks. The majority of these attacks take place in The Nation’s Middle Belt where the Christian and Muslim populations are equal in size.

Job opportunities for Christians in those provinces are scarce. Many Christians in the aforementioned regions have reportedly adopted Islamic names. Many are now wearing Islamic attire to stay alive.

The dominant religions in Nigeria is Christian and Muslim. In years past it was common for whomever is president to name a member of the opposite religion as their vice president. However, as of late, the current President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is Muslim, broke with tradition by naming a Muslim vice president. Muslim extremists say they will never submit to a Christian President again.

Please pray for the persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

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