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Known prophetically as the First Fruit State, Delaware has plenty of bad fruit.

The Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College conducted a poll that shows opinions of citizens tell a different picture than what the media reports.

Only 49 percent of adults agreed the state is heading in the right direction. About 18 percent cited “crime, drugs, violence, guns” as the biggest problem. Other problems Delaware residents point to include issues around education, schools, healthcare, insurance, the economy, immigration, illegal immigrants and refugees.

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Let’s pray!

  • Enter identificational repentance for sexual immorality, statewide abortions, idolatry, and blood shed including the past battle in 1777 on state soil.
  • Pray the fire of God would burn bright in the hearts of those in the church in Delaware.
  • Ask God to send laborers into the harvest field.
  • Intercede for the LGBTQIA+ in the state of Delaware, that they would be forever marked by an encounter with the one true living God. Pray complete freedom in Christ Jesus would spread throughout this community.
  • Pray for the reversal of abortion access in Delaware.
  • Pray for restored joy and hope over the state leading to declines in suicide, teen sexual violence, opioid overdose, cannabis use, and alcohol consumption.
  • Pray that the garment of death is removed from the state.
  • Bind the spirit of murder, perversion, and addiction coming against this state.
  • Loose life, purity, and freedom in the name of Jesus.
  • Declare the Lord is reconnecting Delaware into a place of holiness.
  • Pray against the cyber-attacks on the state government and for the uprooting of all terror cells in the land.
  • Plead the blood of Jesus over Delaware and ask God to send His angels of protection and deliverance to surround the borders of the state.
  • Pray for the tangible manifestation of God’s glory to be released throughout the land.
  • Pray for righteous rulership of current government officials.
  • Intercede for the 2024 elections; that state and local officials elected to serve in office advance His Kingdom and are led by revelation, truth, and wisdom.
  • Pray for continued exposure of corruption on the business mountain, including hospital kick-backs and illegal diversion of grant money. Call forth leaders and entrepreneurs who build for His glory.
  • Pray biblical truth is embedded into the foundation of the curriculum as core principles throughout Delaware’s education system within the private and public schools, including universities.
  • Intercede for the formation of prayer groups on school campuses across the entire state.
  • Pray for the state’s $500 million shortage within the education system; that resources are provided to educate students of low-income, English-as-a-second language, and disabilities.
  • Pray educators speak purpose and destiny into students’ lives; that students are receptive to knowledge and truth.
  • Stand in the gap for a bold, righteous remnant that rises up in every sector of the media mountain of Delaware, who reports accurate truth and spreads the Good News.
  • Decree justice and righteousness is the foundation of the land.
  • Declare the gate of Delaware is unlocked.
  • Pray revival fire would sweep through all seven mountains of society; that Kingdom reformers would rise up in these sectors, take their rightful place in the army of the Lord, and shine in darkness.
  • Declare breakthrough and societal reformation over the entire state of Delaware.
  • Pray Delaware would rise up and stand in its spiritual identity and purpose as the first fruits state.

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