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Known prophetically as the “Shift and Release Wealth” state, North Carolina is home to iconic cities, research hubs, and historic sites. Founded in 1600, the state’s rich history has strong ties to the American Revolution.

Marked by innovation and history-shifting events, North Carolina saw The Wright Brothers’ First Flight at Kitty Hawk and the key moments in the Civil Rights Movement with sit-ins starting at the Woolworth’s store in Greensboro on Feb. 1, 1960.

North Carolina is known for college basketball, Moravian Falls, spectacular outdoors with both mountains and beaches, prestigious education systems, and the financial capital of the South.

Of course, North Carolina also has spiritual and natural challenges. Reports indicate redistricting, community safety, transportation challenges, and affordable housing are among residents’ top concerns. Spiritually, violent crime is on residents’ radar screens.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for North Carolina.

Let’s pray:

Identificationally repent of a history of slavery, racial injustice, allowing abortion on state grounds, robbing God, covenant breaking, all forms of idolatry and immorality, occult practices, freemasonry, and violence.

Pray to call forth the ones on the media mountain in North Carolina who are the messengers that bring good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns.

Pray for business leaders who wait on the Lord and keep His way; and He shall exalt them to inherit the land.

Pray for businesses within this state to be free of corruption and deception as the economy grows.

Pray for the transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous to advance the Kingdom of God.

Pray for righteous rulership of current government officials serving in this state.

Pray the Lord would fill the high vacancy seats within the North Carolina government with Kingdom officials who recognize they are seated with Christ in heavenly places and recognize their authority to legislate through prayer and intercession.

Pray for the 2024 North Carolina elections, for the election of Godly leadership and for removing officials with wicked motives that further an anti-Christ agenda.

Decree justice and righteousness will be the foundation of North Carolina.

Intercede for a total abortion ban in North Carolina.

Pray for the opioid crisis.

Pray that the Bible, biblical values, and prayer will be incorporated back into North Carolina’s education system.

Plead the blood of Jesus over the educational institutions in this state.

Pray the fear of the Lord would rest upon the Body of Christ; pray His Church in this state would return to her first love.

Bind perversion, discord, witchcraft, and the religious spirit off the Church in North Carolina: loose purity, unity, and the fire of God to burn away everything not of Him.

Pray for more intercessors, watchmen, and deliverance ministers to rise up in this state, motivated by the love of Christ.

Pray that families stand up for life and that parents model godly behavior in North Carolina.

Pray to call forth healing and deliverance from perversion, rebellion, mental health illness, addiction, occultism, and freemasonry; rape, teen pregnancy, and abortion-related trauma.

Speak unity, life, and stability over the family mountain in North Carolina.

Pray for the harvest in the highly populated prisons and jails in this state—for the Gospel to run swiftly and revival fire to sweep through, resulting in mass salvations and deliverance.

Pray for the uprooting of all terror cells within the land.

Pray the Lord would expose and thwart the plots and plans of mass shootings in North Carolina.

Pray for protection over bridge infrastructures and military bases.

Ask God to send His angels of protection to surround the state.

Pray the Lord raises up ones on the arts and entertainment mountain who stand for purity and shine for the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Declare transforming revival on every mountain of societal influence in North Carolina.

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