参加すると、バナー付きのウェルカムキットがもらえます。  awakeningprayerhubs.com  メールアドレス、およびインタラクティブマップへの追加。あなたは祈祷会で供物を取り上げ、それを使ってあなたの町の宣教を前進させることができます。


Awakening Prayer E-Hubs leaders commit to holding regular times of prayer. You can meet as little as once a month, or as often as every day. Since there is no fee to start an Awakening Prayer E-Hub, we ask you sow a tithe of the offerings you receive each month back into AHOP to cover our administrative costs, with the minimum being $10 a month or $120 a year to help cover administrative and technology costs. (The annual option equates to 11 months, not 12 months). You will find your currency represented in the donation box.

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寄付の提案: $10.00

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