Is there not a cause? (1 Sam. 17:29). This was David's cry when he heard there was a giant in the land oppressing the people of Israel.
Many intercessors have a special cause on their heart, and we want to facilitate that.
Although prayer for your city is critical, we want to give you the opportunity to start a second caused-based hub. You can choose to combine your meetings, praying for your city in the first half and your cause in the second half. We believe this will help you attract people to your hub who are passionate about the cause.
How do I launch a caused-based hub?
1. There is no extra cost for starting a second caused-based hub.
2. You must maintain your city hub, as our first priority is covering your city.
3. You must be a Next Level or Equipped Hub to launch a second caused-based hub.
4. You will have a separate place on the map showcasing your cause-based hub, but you all email will still go to your city branded email address.
Are you ready to start a cause-based hub?
It's easy to launch a cause-based hub.
2. Click Manage Cause
3. Choose from the causes on the list; or
4. Choose your own case for approval by clicking the box and filling in your cause.
We will get an email alerting us to your caused-based hub request and get you up and running in a jiffy.
Oh, one more thing.... 
If you are not a Next-Level or Equipped hub and want to upgrade your hub so you can launch a second cause-based hub, email the Launch Team and they will help you with that right away.