Launching an Awakening Prayer Hub

Launching an Awakening Prayer Hub is simple. God calls you. We equip you. Here’s the four-step process:

1. Choose the type of hub you’d like to join below.
Our most popular hubs are e-hubs, which means you can meet on the phone, via Zoom or other electronic means. But you can choose whichever type that best suits you.

2. Fill out the application.
We value relationships, so we want to get to know you before you start gathering under the Awakening Prayer Hubs banner. We want to hear your heart about prayer, your city, and America. We also want you to understand our vision and heart.

3. Watch the orientation videos.
After we receive your application and approve it, we’ll contact you with a series of short orientation videos to help you get up and running quickly.

4. Launch your hub.
We provide tremendous technology and personal support to help you launch your hub. After you finish the orientation videos, you’ll hear from us about making your banners, setting up your email and getting you into our online leadership group, where you’ll find even more resources and fellowship.

That’s it. It’s just that easy. You’ll discover that it’s easy to get up and running. And remember, we stand together.

Find an Awakening Prayer Hub

If you don’t feel called to lead a prayer hub, or if there is already a hub in your city, you can connect with a leader in your city using the interactive find with the button below. If you cannot find a hub near you, please e-mail our office and you’ll be put on a waiting list to join a hub.


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