Get Commissioned into the Office of the Intercessor

When we think of offices, we think of the five-fold gifts of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, who equip us for the work of the ministry (see Eph. 4:11).

But many believe intercessors also hold an office.

While technically all Christians are supposed to make intercession, there are some who are clearly and specifically gifted for intercession.

In this way, there is an office of intercessor.

At Awakening Prayer Hubs, we believe in commissioning clearly-gifted, faithful men and women into the office of the intercessor.


What is commissioning?

Sometimes people use the word ordination. Commissioning is blessing a person and affirming them in the use of their God-given gifts. The actual definition of commission is “granting the power to perform various acts or duties, a certificate conferring military rank and authority or a charge.”

Commissioning includes the laying on of hands and impartation. When I commission people, they say they sense a stronger prayer anointing with deeper prophetic unction, as well as an apostolic-governmental authority in prayer and spiritual warfare.


What are the Requirements for commissioning?

1. Demonstrate a passion for prayer and the movement, evidenced by being active in prayer, posting about the Awakening Prayer Hubs movement on social media.

2. Demonstrate perseverance and consistency in the ministry, evidenced by consistency in Awakening Prayer Hubs regional and family meetings, filing monthly reports, active in the Facebook group.

3. Demonstrate the core values of the Awakening Prayer Hubs movement.

4. Recommendation from a regional leader.

5. Awakening Prayer Hubs movement membership as a Next-Level Hub or Equipped for at least one year.