Witches are gathering in droves in major cities around the world to release the power of witchcraft—and even death. Children are in danger from evil people who prey upon the innocent during dark celebrations. The media is propagating wickedness and retail outlets are making small fortunes selling evil costumes.

We’re in a season where darkness is not only celebrated—it’s glorified. As children of light, we are called to let our light shine. One way we do that is through prayer—engaging Jehovah Gibbor in the war with the assurance that darkness can never overcome our light.

Paul the apostle warned us to have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them (Ephesians 5:11). We can expose wicked plots of wicked spirits—and wicked men—and shut them down through intercession. We need to stand on the watchtower and peer into the enemy’s camp, and forbid his plots and plans in our cities and nations.

Our theme at Awakening Prayer Hubs this month is Pushing Back the Powers of Darkness. Please pray with us at this critical time!

Repentance: Pray for a spirit of repentance to sweep through the city, leading people to turn from sinful ways. Ask for forgiveness for any wrongdoings in your city’s history

Spiritual Discernment and Wisdom: Ask God to give intercessors, parents, teachers, police officers and others discernment and wisdom to recognize the signs of witchcraft and evil influences and overturn them.

Exposing Hidden Darkness: Ask God to reveal and expose any hidden places or individuals involved in witchcraft or occult practices in your city.

Divine Protection: Ask God to place a protective shield over your city—and the people in your city—guarding it against all forms of evil and harm.

Breaking Witchcraft Assignments: Ask God to break and cancel any assignments of witchcraft or dark powers that may be operating in your city. Declare that they have no power or authority over the city.

Binding Evil Spirits: Invoke the power of Jesus to bind and cast out any evil spirits or demonic forces that may be influencing people in your city.

Tearing Down Strongholds: Pray for the breaking of any spiritual strongholds that may be holding your city captive to evil influences.

Conversion of Witches and Evildoers: Pray for the conversion and salvation of those involved in witchcraft, that they may turn away from darkness and embrace the light of Christ.

Holy Spirit’s Fire: Pray for the Holy Spirit’s fire to purify and cleanse your city, consuming all forms of evil and witchcraft.

Wisdom for Law Enforcement: Pray for wisdom and discernment for law enforcement officers, that they may carry out their duties justly and protect the innocent.

Awakening Prayer Hubs is looking for 1,000 prayer warriors to raise up and stand for cities and nations around the world. Join the movement at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com.