This is truly gruesome and grievous. The Associated Press reports:

French authorities detained nine people Saturday in connection with the gruesome beheading of a teacher who had shown students caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, which is strictly prohibited by Muslim law.

The Friday attack immediately captivated the attention of a nation otherwise distracted by a rapid resurgence of the novel coronavirus and the imposition of a mandatory evening curfew in a handful of major cities, including Paris.

As further details emerged, the incident reignited some of the most explosive debates in the French national lexicon: the value of free expression in a country that, unlike the United States, does abide by hate-speech laws, and the place of Islam in a nominally secular but post-colonial society in which Muslims are among the largest minority groups.

We need to pray:

Pray for the family of the teacher who as murdered.

Pray the murders are caught and brought to justice.

Pray that intercessors and evangelists will collaborate to send forth the gospel.

Pray that Muslims in France has dreams and visions of Jesus and convert.

Pray against terror attacks in Paris.