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Known prophetically as the “Freedom State,” New Hampshire has a diverse landscape with scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, small picturesque towns, and Ivy League colleges.

New Hampshire is famous for its mountains and lakes, covered bridges, and maple syrup. In fact, some call New Hampshire the Switzerland of North America. But there are challenges in the natural and in the spirit.

In the natural realm, there is limited access to housing (and high housing costs) a childcare crisis, and other needed resources that allow families to thrive. That, in turn, is creating a workforce challenge. In the spirit realm, New Hampshire is a Catholic stronghold, with the majority of people who affiliate with religion citing Catholicism.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for New Hampshire.

Let’s pray:

Identificationally repent of the history of racial injustice, greed, sexual immorality, abortion practices, idolatry, and covenant breaking of the Native Americans.

Intercede for the families of New Hampshire to stand on the Word of God, for His Word is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens; His faithfulness continues through all generations.

Pray to call forth healing and deliverance over the mental health of the families, that the Lord would revive the families according to His lovingkindness, so that they may keep the testimony of His mouth.

Intercede for the fentanyl crisis in New Hampshire.

Pray for the LGBTQ+ community to encounter the heart of the Father. Pray they would give attention to His words; incline their ears to His sayings; not let them depart from their eyes; keep them in the midst of their heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to all their flesh.

Bind murder, addiction, greed, lust, perversion, and the religious spirit. Loose life, liberty, generosity, purity, and the fire of God to burn everything not of Him.

Pray the state of New Hampshire would end the right to abortion, declaring life over the unborn.

Speak life and wholeness over the state of New Hampshire. Pray for faith to arise.

Pray for the New Hampshire 2024 elections, for the election of state and local government officials who will establish the land by justice.

Pray for the integrity and honesty of the poll workers at all polling stations within the state during the elections.

Pray for righteous rulership within the current state government, for when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.

Decree justice and righteousness are the foundation of the land.

Pray government officials in New Hampshire would make decisions with Godly wisdom regarding religious liberty.

Pray for the exposure, dismantling, and uprooting of every terror cell, drug trafficking ring, and human trafficking ring within the state of New Hampshire; ask God for justice to be served. Pray for the salvation and deliverance of all involved

Pray that truth will no longer be distorted in any New Hampshire media mountain sector.

Pray to come against all cyberattacks on all government and business structures

Pray for the advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence, that it serves for good and to further the agenda of the Kingdom of God.

Pray for continued exposure of corruption for the purpose of restoration within the New Hampshire businesses.

Pray for provision and resources and economic prosperity for small businesses and large corporations within New Hampshire to build and expand for Kingdom purposes.

Pray for the education system in New Hampshire as school boards look to reform education for increased funding, resources to support special education, and the need for the quality and quantity of educators.

Pray for a spirit of boldness to rest on the school boards, superintendents, and educators where they would stand for righteousness and truth in this state.

Pray that New Hampshire’s education system is in accordance with God’s Word and that students recognize their destiny and purpose in the Lord.

Pray the fire of God and the fear of the Lord would burn bright in the hearts of those in the Church in New Hampshire, that the Lord would make it like the Great Awakening days of George Whitefield.

Pray for the Gospel to run swiftly through this state.

Pray for a spirit of prayer to rest upon the Church.

Pray for the worshipping warriors who war with the sounds from Heaven to arise in New Hampshire.

Pray to call forth more governmental intercessors in this state to arise who recognize their authority in Christ Jesus to legislate in the courts of heaven to see His will come to pass on the earth.

Ask God to send His angels of protection to surround the borders of the state of New Hampshire.

Declare awakening, revival, and societal reformation on all mountains of societal influence in New Hampshire.

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