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Known prophetically as the “His Kingdom” state, New York is the global center of finance, culture and technology, entertainment and media, academics and science, arts and fashion—and home to the United Nations.Beyond New York City, New York is famous for Niagara Falls, the Finger Lakes’ farms and wineries, and the Adirondacks’ untamed wilderness. New York is one of the original Thirteen Colonies and was inhabited by the Algonquians and Iroquois Confederacy Native Americans for several thousand years before the Europeans arrived.

Of course, New York has natural and spiritual challenges. No state has suffered as dramatic a reversal of economic fortune in recent years as New York, according to the Economic Innovation Group. The pandemic accelerated a decade-long decline, and the whole country underperforms when it suffers. Spiritually, the spirit of Babylon has a stronghold there.

This week, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for New York.

Let’s pray:

Repent of all current and history of occult and abortion practices, idolatry, greed, covetousness, covenant breaking of the Native Americans, bloodshed, the history of wars fought on state soil, and sexually immorality.

Intercede for all current state and local government officials in New York, where righteous rulership would occupy every seat of government in the land.

Pray for New York’s 2024 elections – for the election of state and local government officials where the Word of God is a lamp to their feet and a light to their path.

Pray for continued exposure within the New York state government and for state legislators to have wisdom and solutions when writing and passing laws regarding government transparency metrics involving databases of police misconduct, public records uncovering systemic failures in local, state, and federal governments; nursing home complaint backlogs, and emergency response disasters.

Make intercession to abolish abortion. Speak life over the unborn and the next generation.

Decree justice and righteousness will be the foundation of New York.

Pray to come against all cyberattacks on government and business structures.

Pray protection of all infrastructures within the state of New York.

With the recent 8.1% increase in new New York business applications, pray Kingdom business leaders arise in that whatever they do, these leaders do their work heartily, as for the Lord and not for people, knowing that it is from the Lord that they will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom these leaders serve.

Pray voices of righteousness and truth come forth on the media mountain in the state.

Pray for influencers in the arts and entertainment who have a passion for furthering the agenda of the Kingdom of God, where their light shines amidst all darkness.

Pray the Word of God is the foundation of the families within the state of New York bringing forth healing of all rape and racial inequality.

Pray for those enslaved to freemasonry in New York to know the truth and the truth would set them free.

Pray the Church of New York reaches the unbelievers with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pray for the Gospel to run swiftly through New York.

Pray as the Church’s light breaks forth, that healing springs forth; righteousness goes before them, and the glory of the Lord as their rear guard.

Pray for the recent social media reform New York legislation passed regarding curbing addictive algorithms for adolescents – that the Gospel would reach this generation through all sectors of media.

Pray revival fire sweeps through every school and university campus within the state.

Pray that educators will reveal God as the ultimate truth and that students will be receptive in the state of New York.

Forbid doctrine of demons from being taught in the school systems at every level, from grade school to high school, to college campuses.

Pray for a dismantling of all wicked plans of the enemy involving gun violence in the schools. Pray for protection over the campuses in New York at every education level.

Pray to call forth the body of Christ in New York who rises and recognizes their authority in Christ Jesus to legislate in the heavenlies to see His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Pray for the exposure, dismantling, and uprooting of all terror cells within the state.

Ask God to send His angel armies to surround the entire state of New York.

Decree awakening, revival, and societal reformation within the entire state.

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