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Known prophetically as “The Favor State,” Connecticut is facing serious issues on many fronts. Inflation and the economy, taxes and government spending, and abortion are the dominant issues that Connecticut voters. The abortion issue is certainly a central prayer point.

Beyond these foundational issues, there are also healthcare challenges, especially in the rural areas of the state, as well as concerns about the crime rate, healthcare and housing affordability, a labor shortage, energy prices, and government spending.

On the religious front, Connecticut has a rich history dating back to its founding. English settlers seeking religious freedom and economic opportunities founded Connecticut in 1635. In other words, there is a righteous root in the state.

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Let’s pray:

  • Identificationally repent for greed and idolatry of the income and wealth that flows through the state; repent for legalized abortion in the state.
  • Make intercession to abolish abortion. Speak life over the unborn and this next generation.
  • Pray for the 40 percent of families in this state who are struggling financially and the rise in homelessness, despite the 1.6 billion budget surplus. Renounce generational curses of poverty and release blessings upon the family mountain.
  • Pray parents within the families of this state reflect the image of Christ and train their children to embrace Godly values.
  • Pray for righteous rulership of current state officials in Connecticut; that they walk in the fear of the Lord. Stand in the gap for the 2024 state and local elections. Pray for the integrity of the voting system and for the election of Kingdom-driven, Holy Spirit-led government officials who honor God’s Word as truth.Decree justice and righteousness will be the foundation of the land.
  • Declare doors of new authority are opening.
  • Intercede for the media mountain; call forth the voices of righteousness and truth; pray that their voices would no longer be silent.
  • Pray for the opioid crisis; that those battling addiction would encounter the heart and love of the Father.
  • Pray for the exposure of corruption linked with trafficking drugs and those involved would come to salvation through repentance.
  • Intercede for the rising number of prison inmates in Connecticut. Pray the Lord would remove the blinders from their eyes so they would embrace the Gospel, repent, and turn from the wicked ways.
  • Pray for the uprooting of all terrorist cells in this state.  Ask God to release His angels of protection over Connecticut and His people.
  • Pray for those battling gambling addictions; that deliverance would come forth. Pray for casino shutdowns and houses of prayer and worship to take their place.
  • Forbid doctrines of demons being taught in the school systems at every level, from grade school to high school, to college campuses; including the after-school Satan clubs.
  • Pray against Antisemitism, chronic absenteeism, teacher shortages, and decreased graduation rates in Connecticut schools. Pray for the Light to be revealed in darkness.
  • Declare revival fire to sweep across Yale and every other college and school campus in the state. Declare transforming revival throughout the entire state.
  • Pray for the Gospel to run swiftly through Connecticut.
  • Pray for the Church to be set ablaze with God’s all-consuming fire who have a passion for prayer, His Word, and discipleship.
  • Pray the people of this state will worship the Lord in spirit and truth.
  • Decree the glory of the Lord will be made manifest throughout the land.
  • Declare Connecticut will make a shift and the people of this state are walking in favor that surrounds them as a shield.

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