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Known prophetically as the Revival State, Kansas is known for oil wells, the Wizard of Oz, wheat and cattle production, great plans, scorching summers and freezing winters. (Let’s not forget the barbeque and the Kansas dirt cake!)

As the state’s largest industry, agriculture drives the Kansas economy, but there are severe challenges in the state.

Let’s start with water. Water quality in central and eastern Kansas and water quantity in western Kansas are important issues. Studies show current irrigation trends could deplete 69 percent of the groundwater in the Ogallala Aquifer within 50 years. That would have a negative ripple effect on the Kansas economy.

On the health front, 32 percent of Kansas adults are obese, and 21 percent of Kansas children live in poverty. Drug abuse is one of the most serious social issues in Kansas.

Mental illness is a growing issue. According to a new report, Kansas ranks last in the United States in terms of mental health because of high rates of mental illness and barriers to care. There’s also the troubling trend of homicide. The study shows Kansas City saw the highest jump in homicide cases out of the largest cities in the nation in 2022.

Indeed, Kansas City had the highest homicide rate, with a total score of 87.49%. In the third quarter of 2022, there were 14.86% homicide cases per capita, which is approximately 4.89% more than in 2021 and 2.04% more than in 2020.

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Let’s pray:

  • Enter into identificational repentance for bloodshed, sexual immorality, and covenant breaking of the natives on the land.
  • Pray for a total ban on abortion in the state of Kansas.
  • Bind the spirit of violence, death, strife, lust, and perversion in Kansas. Loose life, peace, unity, righteousness, and purity over the land.
  • Pray for continued economic prosperity in the state of Kansas, and that the $2.8 billion surplus finances the work of Kingdom expansion.
  • Pray for an increase in innovation in Kansas, such as with funding to increase access to healthcare services to the people of Kansas, particularly the state’s rural area.
  • Make intercession for all current state and local government officials in Kansas, where righteous rulership would occupy the land.
  • Decree justice and righteousness is the foundation of Kansas.
  • Pray for the 2024 Kansas elections. Pray for the election of Kingdom officials, who have a heart to see all civil laws aligned with God’s Word.
  • Come against all cyber attacks seeking to infiltrate the government and businesses of Kansas.
  • Make intercession for the education system of Kansas—for miracles, signs, and wonders to sweep through the public and private schools and university campuses revealing that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
  • Forbid all teachings in the classrooms of Kansas that are rooted in doctrines of demons. Come against the indoctrination of anti-biblical information and for the uprooting of all unruly student behavior.
  • Pray for wise educators to stand for godly truth without fear of persecution.
  • Call forth intercessors to rise up with increased strength, grace, and perseverance to redig the wells of revival in Kansas; to dig new wells.
  • Pray for the gift of repentance to rest upon the harvest of Kansas.
  • Pray for the Church in Kansas to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in their inner man.
  • Pray the families of Kansas are rooted in the Word of God, leading to godly order and healing from all mental health illness, gun violence, teen sexual violence, murder, teen pregnancy, and gender confusion.
  • Pray for those in Kansas battling fentanyl or other drug-related addiction, that healing and deliverance go forth as they encounter the heart and love of God.
  • Bless the families and people of Kansas.
  • Come against the anti-Christ, witchcraft, and perversion spirits that have infiltrated the arts and entertainment within Kansas. Pray Kingdom reformers on this mountain are ambassadors in chains to the Gospel and stand for purity.
  • Pray for exposure on the media mountain in Kansas. Come against the political spirit seeking to intimidate journalists. Pray for the protection of all voices of truth.
  • Pray for the dismantling and uprooting of all terror cells within the state of Kansas.
  • Decree the Lord’s angelic army surrounds Kansas because there is a remnant who fears the Lord.
  • Decree transforming revival throughout the entire state of Kansas.

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