We’ve seen the reality of terror cells in Israel as Hamas barged through the borders of the Holy Land. But make no mistake: there are terror cells underground in many cities and nations in the world waiting to release violent acts.

A terror cell is often made up of as few as three or as many as ten terrorists, typically radical Islamists. Terror cells are charged with varying assignments. Planning cells, for example, are responsible to raise funds and obtain fake drivers’ licenses, credit cards and housing, as well as obtaining bomb materials.

Meanwhile, sleeper cell members may take up residence in a nation for years without activating their deadly agenda. One of Osama Bin Laden’s former aides revealed there are hundreds of sleeper cells across the United States even now.  Finally, execution cells come forth when it’s time to attack.

Every nation is at risk of terrorism. The tenth annual edition of the Global Terrorism Index reveals attacks are more deadly with 26 percent more people dying in each incident—the first rise in lethality in five years. Outside Afghanistan, terrorism deaths rose 4 percent in the rest of the world. Islamic State and its affiliates remained the world’s deadliest terrorist group in 2022 for the eighth consecutive year, with attacks in 21 countries.

This month Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying to uproot terror cells in the nations. Join the movement at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com.

Let’s pray:

Enter identificational repentance for your nation for allowing radical ideologies to take root where the Gospel should be prevailing; repent for prayerlessness and apathy among churches in the nations.

Ask for divine intervention to expose hidden plots and plans, thwarting the efforts of those who seek to bring terror in the nations.

Pray for the courage of individuals who may have information about terrorist cells to come forward, and for their protection as they cooperate with authorities.

Pray for the salvation of terrorists; pray God will give them dreams and visions of Jesus.

Pray for international cooperation in addressing the root causes of terrorism, fostering global understanding and collaboration.

Pray for unity and collaboration among different security forces and agencies, enabling them to work together seamlessly in the fight against terrorism.

Ask God to give leaders at every level of government wisdom and strategies to effectively address the root causes of terrorism so the plague does not continue to spread.

Ask for divine guidance for intelligence agencies and law enforcement to acquire accurate and timely information about terrorist activities.

Pray for the development and implementation of effective security measures that can identify and dismantle terrorist cells before they can cause harm.

Pray for the strengthening of border security to prevent the infiltration of individuals involved in terrorist activities.

Lift up prayers for individuals who may be vulnerable to radicalization, asking for protection, guidance, and positive influences in their lives.

Pray for a just and swift judicial system that ensures those involved in terrorist activities are held accountable for their actions.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for policymakers in crafting and implementing laws and policies that effectively address and counteract terrorism.

Pray for healing and restoration in communities affected by terrorism, asking for support and resources to rebuild and recover.

Awakening Prayer Hubs is looking for 1,000 prayer warriors to raise up as prayer leaders. God qualifies you. We equip you. Join the movement at www.awakeningprayerhubs.com.