The Lord told me, “The enemy is trying to burn down the gates.” I prophesied this at the beginning of 2024.

Now, we’ve seen the prayer movement take a huge hit—and I am concerned that the prophetic movement is next.

Intercessors are gatekeepers. They hold the keys to the Kingdom. But when intercessors are in bondage to immorality and idolatry, reeling from spiritual abuse or hurt by revelations of hidden sin, the gates can be somewhat compromised.

Put another way, many intercessors are not on their posts. Some have left the church world and are disillusioned by the scandal that rocked IHOPKC. Make no mistake: This is the opportune time for the enemy to invade the prophetic movement. Indeed, some camps in the prophetic movement are already compromised, making them an easy target.

This month, Awakening Prayer Hubs is praying for a purification in the prophetic movement. Join our prayer call here.

Let’s pray:

Enter into identificational repentance for the modern-day prayer movement, including false prophecy, selling prophetic words, sexual immorality, making celebrities out of prophets, promoting people based on giftings rather than character, a lack of accountability and more.

Pray that God would lead wayward prophets to repentance with His kindness.

Pray God would heal the wounded hearts of prophets who have been rejected by the church and have become compromised or even bitter.

Pray God would deliver prophets from Jezebelic influences, covetousness, showmanship, bragging and seeking fame.

Pray for a cleansing in the prophetic movement from any and all defilement.

Pray for God to expose the false prophets who have come in sheep’s clothing to merchandise the saints.

Pray for God to purify the prophetic movement, removing every spot or wrinkle from the prophet’s heart.

Pray for a new holiness movement within the prophetic.

Pray for the fear of the Lord to permeate the prophetic movement.

Pray that God will strengthen what remains as more prophets are exposed in their sinful practices.

Pray for God to protect the prophetic movement and those who have labored for decades to establish a true prophetic ministry.

Pray that young prophets would not be disillusioned or led astray by the failures of those who have been and are being exposed.

Pray for a new breed of prophets who rise up who will walk consecrated.

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