Will Russia invade Ukraine as Russian resident Vladmir Putin sets his sights on reestablishing some semblance of the Soviet Union?

Recent reports seemed to indicate Russia was pulling back some of its troops from the Ukranian border, but a Forbes headline reveals “Reports Russia is Drawing Down Troop Buildup Near Ukraine Are Mistaken.”

Michael Kofman, an expert on the Russian military at CNA, tweeted, “Southern Military District forces were out of garrison and forward deployed before the district ever declared a 10,000 troop exercise. Declaring it over is not especially meaningful. Careful consuming MoD announcements uncritically – the military posture is not looking better.”

Over 100,000 civilians are training for war as the current armed forces are not sufficient to stave off an attack from Russia. Meanwhile, Ukrainian veterans like Col. Viacheslav Vlasenko plan to put up the fight of their life.

“In case of Russian aggression. I will have no choice—every Ukrainian is ready to die with arms in hands,” NPR reports the highly decorated 53-year-old Vlasenko saying. “Ukraine will never become a part of Russia. If we have to prove it to the Kremlin that Ukraine has the right for freedom and independence, we are ready for it.”

I believe if Russia invades Ukraine, it is a marked sign of the times. Jesus said, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom” (Matt. 24:7).

Awakening Prayer Hubs is adopting the nation of Ukraine this month.


Let’s pray:

Father, deliver Ukraine from evil empires who seek to over take it (see Matt. 6:13).

Father, free Ukraine from the grasp of the wicked and redeem her from the clutches of the ruthless (see Jer. 15:20-21, CJB).

Father, heal the land in Ukraine and let Your peace rule there (2 Chron. 7:14).

Father, bless Ukraine’s military with wisdom and might in the case it has to defend itself against Russia (2 Sam. 22:30).

We lift up the church in Ukraine. Lord, bring unity and raise up intercessors on the nation who will pray without ceasing for Your will to be done and Your Kingdom to come. (see Psalm 133).

Protect Your missionaries in Ukraine from harm’s way and help them be more effective in spreading Your gospel (see Ps. 121:7).

Father, would you use this dire situation to draw the lost in Ukraine to salvation? (see John 3:16).

Lord, rend the heavens over Ukraine and come down in great power (see Is. 64:1).

Father, pour out Your Spirit over Ukraine and bring an awakening and transforming revival (see Is. 44:3).

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