Lead A Prison Prayer Hub

We’re here to support you! Awakening Prayer Hubs intercessors. We are covering you and praying for you. You can find a library of videos on the website.
When you join, you’ll also receive a welcome kit, complete with a banner, an  awakeningprayerhubs.com  email address, and addition to our interactive map. You can take up offerings at your prayer meeting and use it to advance your ministry in your city.

Your Equipping

Awakening Prayer Hubs intercessors will find equipping opportunities through email newsletters, Facebook Live videos and strategic conference calls held randomly.

Your Commitment

Awakening Prayer Hubs leaders commit to holding regular times of worship and prayer in your city. You can meet as little as once a month, or as often as every day. You’ll want to be part of our monthly conference call, or request the recording, so you can stay up to date on the big picture.

 every month

Minimum Donation: 0 / month