The late evangelist Billy Graham made this pivotal statement to First Nations people in New Mexico in 1975: “You as evangelical Indians are a sleeping giant. You are now awakening. The original Americans could turn around and be the evangelists to win other Americans to Christ.”

I believe those words still stand true today.

Did you know there are over 476 million indigenous people around the world spread across more than 90 nations? Indeed, indigenous people represent about five 5 percent of the world’s population. They belong to more than 5,000 different indigenous peoples and speak more than 4,000 languages. When Jesus spoke of every tongue, tribe and nation, the First Nations people were also on His mind.

If we want a First Nations revival that can ignite a great awakening in nations all over the world, we need to pray. Awakening Prayer Hubs’ theme this month is “A First Nations Revival.” We believe Graham’s words are true and still unfulfilled.

Let’s pray.

Opening Prayer: We come before Your throne with hearts full of love and concern for the indigenous peoples living on their native lands. Lord, we lift up these dear brothers and sisters to You, asking for a powerful revival to sweep across their communities. Your Word tells us that You desire all people to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved (see 1 Tim. 2:4). We know that Your heart is open to all nations and tribes, and we ask for Your grace to touch the lives of the indigenous peoples. I repent for ill treatment of indigenous people throughout the generations.

Repentance and Forgiveness: Pray the indigenous communities may experience a deep sense of repentance, turning away from any sin or idolatry that has hindered their relationship with God. Pray they will find forgiveness and reconciliation through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Hunger: Pray God would ignite a hunger and thirst for righteousness within the hearts of First Nations people who know You and who don’t know You. Pray God would draw them close to His Spirit, and seek His face earnestly, desiring to know Him in a personal and profound way.

Unity and Healing: Pray God would heal the wounds of the past and bring unity among these communities. Pray God would help them to reconcile with one another—and with those who mistreated them and took their land, killed their people and otherwise harmed and oppressed them.

Anointed Leaders: Pray God will raise up anointed leaders among the First Nations people who will boldly proclaim the Word and lead by example, guiding their people in the ways of righteousness.

Protection: Pray God would surround the indigenous communities with His divine protection. Guard them from any harm, both physically and spiritually, as they journey toward God. Bind the spirit of addiction and suicide that works to derail many lives.

Cultural Preservation: Pray the Lord would help them preserve their rich cultural heritage while aligning it with the truths of God’s Word. Pray their culture become a vessel for the expression of their faith in You.

Access to Your Word: Pray God will make a way for resources and opportunities for First Nations people to access to the Word in their own languages, and that they may understand and embrace the Gospel.

Spiritual Awakening: Pray God will pour out His Spirit upon First Nations people, awakening hearts and minds to the beauty of salvation. Pray they will experience Your presence and power in a tangible way.

Generational Blessing: Pray a blessing on the children and the youth among the indigenous peoples. Pray they would grow in the knowledge of God’s love and truth, becoming torchbearers of faith for future generations.

Community Transformation: Pray the first Nations revival will not only bring individual transformation but also transform entire communities. Pray that love, justice, and compassion flow through them, impacting the world around them.

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