A prominent Christian rapper and some of President Trump’s top faith advisers are all sharing a similar message in the aftermath of last week’s violence on Capitol Hill: Put your faith in God’s kingdom, not politics.

Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist Lecrae believes there is a “spiritual war” taking place within America and people are misguided over who is truly in control of their lives.

The artist wrote on Instagram, ” There are two kingdoms at war. The empires of man and the Kingdom of God. Which one has true power? Which one leads people to real freedom?

“I believe God is challenging us to not idolize the empire. Or the ‘freedom’ it provides,” he added. ” The devil has a plot but God has a plan.”

“There’s nothing wrong with a nation, but when you look to a nation to be your hope, you find yourself with an idol that’s never going to live up to the expectations that you need it to live up to, ” he explained. ” You find yourself on the wrong side of eternal history.”

The Kingdom of God, he said, ” will have a King who will righteously rule. But the earthly empire is gonna fade away. And I think alot of people are caught up in the empire right now. And this is not to say you don’t get involved in politics, you don’t take civil responsibilities. But it is to say that you move with the intention of making sure that the Kingdom is represented wherever you go. “

Other Christian leaders across the country have voiced their concerns over the violence and chaos that consumed the Capitol, as well as the broader problem of idolizing America’s political leaders.

Prayer Points:

For our nation to turn and repent for making an idol of a man

For unity among the faith across the globe

For us to love our enemies and bless those that curse us

For Christians to put their trust in Jesus Christ who changes not

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Reporting by Tiffany Isaza