India is in crisis mode.

India’s second wave of Covid-19 has overwhelmed the healthcare system, leaving hospitals struggling to cope and critical drugs and oxygen in short supply, according to the BBC.

The South Asian nation’s tally of infections now stands at 27.9 million, with the death toll has reached 325,972, health ministry data showed.

Spring 2021 in India has been horrific and frightening: ambulances wail constantly, funeral pyres are alight 24 hours a day, seemingly endless body bags stack up, and grief hangs heavy in the air, according to Technology Review.

Amid the second wave, health experts are warning of a third wave that could have a larger impact on children than previous pandemic manifestations. And the India variant shows resistance to vaccines.

Beyond this, another health crisis is unfolding. NPR reports thousands of Indians have come down with a rare fungal infection just as they are recovering from COVID-19. “It’s being called the black fungus, and it’s been killing up to half of the people it infects,” NPR’s Lauren Frayer reports from Mumbai.

On the economic front, The Wall Street Journal reveals India’s economy was bouncing back after a nationwide lockdown last year stifled consumer spending and pushed the country into a deep recession, but the recovery has now run headlong into a devastating surge of Covid-19.

And it’s not just India’s problem. Experts say this could impact the entire world economy. Given all these issues, and the humanitarian crisis unfolding, it has become imperative for the world to act quickly to help India – whether such help is requested or not, writes Uma S Kambhampati in US

It’s time to pray. Join us on a special prayer broadcast over India. Register for the number here. You can also pray these prayer points.

Repent and ask God for His mercy for yourself and India.

Rebuke new waves of the coronavirus and its mutants.

Pray God would bypass the corruption, failure and restrictions of India’s government so medicines, oxygen supply, and treatment are made available to those in need.

Pray the medical supply will be supernaturally made available to patients.

Pray God will use this situation to turn India into a Christian nation; that the veil will fall off people’s eyes and they will realize that all the idols they worship are worthless and mere wood and clay; and that as they cry out to God, Jesus would be revealed to them.

Pray for family revivals like Cornelius’ in Acts.

Pray against domestic violence. Abuse in the homes are reported to be on the rise this past year.

Pray God would heal people and their families supernaturally especially those who are not able to access healthcare for covid treatment; that patients would recover without sustaining long-term side effects (black fungus and other side effects).

Pray concerning the economy. There is so much unemployment because of this pandemic.

Pray that God would open doors to those unemployed (around 7 million is the official figure).

Pray the church in India would rise up boldly in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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