Launching an Awakening Prayer Hub is Easy

Before we share our four-step process, let me answer some common questions.

Why Awakening Prayer Hubs?

We believe you hold a key to souls saved, churches revived and nations awakened. That key is prayer. You can be a prayer hero in your city, and we want to support your passion to see God’s will done there. God birthed Awakening Prayer Hubs to mobilize, equip and support intercessory prayer heroes around the world like you to contend for the prophesied great awakening, billion-soul harvest and societal transformations, or what we call transforming revival. We are in dozens of nations with hundreds of intercessory prayer leaders.

What is required to be a prayer hub leader?

We only ask that you pray for thirty minutes a month–and we give you the prayer points. You can even do it alone. You may be the only awakening-minded intercessor you know in your city, though we believe God will bring more. Many of our leaders pray much more than one hour a month, but don’t want to overwhelm you. Thirty minutes a month is a good place to start.

Does the movement align with my prayer goals?

We are looking for intercessors who are praying for their cities and nations, praying for the harvest, and contending for revival.

Does the movement help me connect with other intercessors?

Yes, Awakening Prayer hubs is hands-on regional leader support, family meetings via Zoom, and a listing on an interactive map that lets intercessors in your city find and contact you directly and so much more. We have developed social media graphics available in the leadership portal to help you reach more people. We also have a public Facebook group where you can connect with intercessors and a private group for leaders only.

Does the movement offer intercessory prayer training opportunities?

Yes, Awakening Prayer hubs offers you a training portal with videos you can watch, as well as Q&A opportunities in our Facebook group. We also offer discounts on the School of Prayer & Intercession on for Equipped Hub leaders.

Does the movement have endorsements from major prayer leaders in the Body of Christ?

Awakening Prayer Hubs has endorsements from Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, James Goll, Dick Eastman, Becca Greenwood, Dr. Michael Brown, Patricia King, Barbara Yoder and Alveda King.

Does the movement offer flexibility in meeting times?

While we encourage you to meet once a month or more, Awakening Prayer Hubs is not concerned with how many intercessors you have or where you meet. We understand your life is busy. The important thing is that you meet.

Does the movement have a mobile app and other communication avenues?

Yes, Awakening Prayer Hubs has an app that lets you access information on the go. We also have a private Facebook group for leadership and our site is translated into every major language.


What does it cost to operate a prayer hub?

This is not a “pay to pray” hub.  Our prayer hubs change lives through technological advances in how we reach the world.  Sadly, it costs money.

The administration and technology costs of operating an international prayer ministry are enormous. We provide our hub leaders with a 24/7 Zoom fire wall, mobile apps, private e-mail addresses and interactive maps so more prayer warriors can find them.

Perhaps the best question to ask on this topic would be about what God has asked of you.

“Are you called to launch a prayer hub in the kingdom?”

I know you’ve learned in ministry that all “callings” come with a cost and we are instructed to count the costs before building.  We encourage you to consider the benefits of your prayer hub in the kingdom versus the costs.

Your monthly fee to gain access to our tools, support and audience is a tiny fraction of what it costs our ministry to provide these services to the people we are called to serve.

We believe by becoming a partner with Awakening Prayer Hubs, you will share in three powerful anointings with us: breakthrough prayer, prophetic intercession and a “collective” anointing that breaks yokes.

As a partner, your gift allows us to connect intercessors around the world in what has become a true prayer family.

Your support also helps us reach into prisons with the gospel and support missions groups like OneHope. You participate through your gift in prayer, training and mentorship opportunities to hungry intercessors.  If not you, who can sow into this need?  I like say, “It takes a prayer warrior to serve one.”

The nations are shaking. There’s never been a more critical time to pray.  Your support matters to more than your own hub.

By becoming a hub leader, a hub sponsor or a monthly partner, you strengthen the day-and-night prayer movement, and you help advance the Great Commission in the earth.

You are not only investing in a prayer movement. You’re investing in souls. When you give, you’ll tap into more than a three-fold anointing on prayer hubs, you will unlock blessings in good measure, shaken together, and running over. I believe you will find opportunity, increase, and favor. As you help nations step into their destiny, you will step into the fullness of your destiny.

I stand as God’s witness that He is faithful to those who serve the kingdom.

Please support prayer.

Launching an Awakening Prayer Hub

Beyond your city hub, many people are launching harvest hubs to pray for souls in the nations, prison hubs to pray for prisoners, pro-life hubs and more.

Launching an Awakening Prayer Hub is simple. God calls you. We equip you. Here’s the four-step process:


1. Choose the type of hub you’d like to join below.
Our most popular hubs are Next-Level Hubs, but you can choose whichever type that best suits you.

2. Fill out the application.
We value relationships, so we want to get to know you before you start gathering under the Awakening Prayer Hubs banner. We want to hear your heart about prayer, your city, and America. We also want you to understand our vision and heart.

3. Watch the orientation videos.
After we receive your application and approve it, we’ll contact you with a series of short orientation videos to help you get up and running quickly.

4. Launch your hub.
We provide tremendous technology and personal support to help you launch your hub. After you finish the orientation videos, you’ll hear from us about making your banners, setting up your email and getting you into our online leadership group, where you’ll find even more resources and fellowship.

That’s it. It’s just that easy. You’ll discover that it’s easy to get up and running. And remember, we stand together.


$29.00/month or more
(A $299/month value)


-Get strategic prayer discipleship from Jennifer
-Access Onboarding Training
-Enjoy a daily prayer covering
-Take the Inner Healing Track
-Access to leadership training portal
-Access to Family Meetings with Jennifer
-Enjoy Q&As with Jennifer
-Connect with family of intercessors
who truly care about you
-Tap into monthly prayer themes with prayer points
-Get equipped to pray for the nations
-Watch weekly live teachings
-Enjoy connections in our prayer network
-Get private hubs email address
-Access to social media banners for promotion
-Gain wisdom and encouragement
from a Regional Leader
-Access to private leadership Facebook group
-Receive prayer activations
-Access to archived teachings
-Join Live morning prayer M-F
-View weekly prayer service Friday nights
-And much more



$59.00/month or more
(A $399/month value)

Includes Everything in
Fire Hub PLUS:

-Access Zoom popups with Jennifer

-Free AHOP webchurch membership

-Consideration for Emerging Prayer Leaders Academy

-10% off
regularly priced classes


$99.00/month or more
(A $599/month value)

Includes Everything in
Firewall & Next Level Hubs PLUS:

-6 Prayer Mentoring Zooms
Annually with Jennifer

-Free in-person access to annual
Intercessors Invitational

-Live Leadership Training

-Private Telegram Group

-20% off
regularly priced classes

Find or Sponsor Awakening Prayer Hub

If you don’t feel called to lead a prayer hub, or if there is already a hub in your city, you can connect with a leader in your city using the interactive find with the button below. If you cannot find a hub near you, please e-mail our office and you’ll be put on a waiting list to join a hub.

If you want to sponsor a hub for someone in a third-world nation, we’d sure appreciate it. We have a list of people waiting.


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